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Fennel's Journal

Fennel’s Journal is the heartfelt and entertaining account of one man’s search for an old-fashioned and peaceful rural life. Written by lifestyle author Fennel Hudson, the Journal traces his attempts to balance the pressures of modern living by following the mantra of "Stop – Unplug – Escape – Enjoy".

Friends of the Priory

Like-minded Souls

Friends of the Priory uphold our values and live the message of 'Stop – Unplug – Escape – Enjoy'.

Contented Countryman

The Contented Countryman

Fennel's new podcast, The Contented Countryman where he interviews our friends about nature connection.

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Fennel's Priory events

Escape with friends at a Fennel's Priory event. Explore our adventures, talks, book signings and courses.

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The Priory, what's in a name?

The Priory is a philosophy and a belief system that says it is possible to balance the ever-growing complexities and pace of modern life. It is also a celebration of wildlife and country living, those things that serve as an antidote to the concrete claustrophobia of towns and cities.

The Priory Philosophy

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