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Nigel 'Fennel' Hudson is an outdoorsman and traditional angler. He's been writing and publishing for more than thirty years. Here is a complete list of the books and magazines he's written, edited and published, and those to which he's contributed a chapter. Click here to read about his story to date.


Redmire Pool book by Tony MeersRedmire

Tony Meers (editor), 2019

Fennel (as Nigel Hudson) has a guest chapter in this modern classic about the famous carp pool.

Published by Harper Fine Angling Books.


Three Men in Two Canoes, Annable, Murton, HudsonThree Men in Two Canoes

Roger Annable, Roger Murton, David Hudson, 2019

The epic 1967 canoe-camping adventure down the River Wye and up the River Severn. 

Designed and published by Fennel. Information and purchase here.


The Pursuit of Life by Fennel HudsonThe Pursuit of Life (Fennel's Journal No. 14)

Fennel Hudson, 2018. 

Pending publication.

Information here.


Fennel's Gazette by Fennel HudsonFennel's Gazette

Fennel Hudson, 2018-present

Collector's miniature 'newspaper'. Published quarterly.

Free with books purchased direct from us.


Book of Secrets by Fennel HudsonBook of Secrets (Fennel's Journal No. 13)

Fennel Hudson, 2017.

Information and purchase here.



Beside a Carp Water by Jon Eddy-BerryBeside a Carp Water

Jon Eddy-Berry, 2017

Fennel (as Nigel Hudson) has a guest chapter in this atmospheric book.

Published by Medlar Press.


Nature Escape by Fennel HudsonNature Escape (Fennel's Journal No. 12)

Fennel Hudson, 2016. 

Pending publication.

Information here.


Friendship by Fennel HudsonFriendship (Fennel's Journal No. 11)

Fennel Hudson and Friends, 2015. 

Information and purchase abridged Kindle eBook here. Hardback and paperback available 2019.



The Lighter Side by Fennel HudsonThe Lighter Side (Fennel's Journal No. 10)

Fennel Hudson, 2014. 

Information and purchase abridged Kindle eBook here. Hardback and paperback available 2019.



The Flyfishers' JournalThe Flyfishers' Journal

Theo Pike (editor), 2014-present

Fennel has regular articles in this high quality fly fishing magazine, including his series on rewilding fly fishing.

Published by The Flyfishers' Club of London


A Gardener's Year by Fennel HudsonA Gardener's Year (Fennel's Journal No. 9)

Fennel Hudson, 2013. 

Information and purchase abridged Kindle eBook here. Hardback and paperback available 2019.



Angling Times 2013Angling Times

Steve Fitzpatrick (editor), 2013-present

Occasional features in this weekly paper, including the 60th Anniversary of Angling Times and the 80th Anniversary of Redmire Pool.


Fine Things by Fennel HudsonFine Things (Fennel's Journal No. 8)

Fennel Hudson, 2012. 

Information and purchase here.



Fennel's Journal magazine by Fennel HudsonFennel's Journal (limited edition collectors' magazine)

Fennel Hudson, 2012-2017

Full colour on art-quality paper, gilt-embossed leather binder with handmade end papers.

Sold out. Information here.


The Quiet Fields by Fennel HudsonThe Quiet Fields (Fennel's Journal No. 7)

Fennel Hudson, 2011. 

Information and purchase abridged Kindle eBook here. Hardback and paperback available 2019.



Traditional Angling by Fennel HudsonTraditional Angling (Fennel's Journal No. 6)

Fennel Hudson, 2010. 

Information and purchase here.




Fly Fishing by Fennel HudsonFly Fishing (Fennel's Journal No. 5)

Fennel Hudson, 2009. 

Information and purchase here.



Classic AnglingClassic Angling

Keith Elliott (editor), 2009

Fennel has a mini-series on wild carp published in this international magazine.



Wild Carp by Fennel HudsonWild Carp (Fennel's Journal No. 4)

Fennel Hudson, 2009. 

Information and purchase abridged Kindle eBook here. Hardback and paperback available 2019.



A Writer's Year by Fennel HudsonA Writer's Year (Fennel's Journal No. 3)

Fennel Hudson, 2008. 

Information and purchase here.



A Waterside Year by Fennel HudsonA Waterside Year (Fennel's Journal No. 2)

Fennel Hudson,  2007. 

Information and purchase abridged Kindle eBook here. Hardback and paperback available 2019.



A Meaningful Life by Fennel HudsonA Meaningful Life (Fennel's Journal No. 1)

Fennel Hudson, 2006.

Information and purchase abridged Kindle eBook here. Hardback and paperback available 2019.



Nature Within You by Fennel HudsonNature Within

Fennel Hudson, 2005.

"A Little Book to Encourage You." 

To be republished in 2020.


From the Hut by Fennel Hudson and friendsFrom the Hut (limited edition magazine)

Fennel Hudson and Friends, 2004-2007. (Out of print.)

Notes from a riverside salmon hut.




Always an Angler by Fennel HudsonAlways an Angler (Priory Angling Classics No. 8)

Fennel Hudson, 1999. (Out of print.)

Fennel concludes his 'Classics' series with a study of what it means to be an angler.

To be republished, date TBC.


Jade Lake Diaries by Fennel HudsonJade Lake Diaries (Priory Angling Classics No. 7)

Fennel Hudson, 1998. (Out of print.)

Four years' of diaries at this carp lake made famous by Chris Yates in his book The Secret Carp.

To be republished, date TBC.


The Friends Rotary Letter by Fennel HudsonThe Friends' Rotary Letter (Volume 1)

Fennel Hudson and Friends, 1997-1999. (Out of print.)

Rotary letter between Fennel Hudson, Peter Wheat, Peter Rogers, David Foley and Richard Battersby. Discussing fishing, the countryside, rural life and philosophy.



Redmire Pool Reflections by Fennel HudsonRedmire Pool Reflections (Priory Angling Classics No. 6)

Fennel Hudson, 1997. (Out of print.)

Four years' of diaries fishing for carp at the legendary Redmire Pool.

To be republished, date TBC.


A Quest to Beechmere by Fennel HudsonA Quest to Beechmere (Priory Angling Classics No. 5)

Fennel Hudson, 1996-98. (Out of print.)

An adventure to fish with The Golden Scale Club at the traditional carp anglers' mecca.

To be republished, date TBC.


River Severn and Teme Diaries by Fennel HudsonRiver Severn and Teme Diaries (Priory Angling Classics No. 4)

Fennel Hudson, 1995. (Out of print.)

Two seasons fishing for barbel on midlands rivers: one large, the other small.

To be republished, date TBC.


A Summer on The Hampshire Avon by Fennel HudsonA Summer on the Hampshire Avon (Priory Angling Classics No. 3)

Fennel Hudson, 1994. (Out of print.)

A summer's barbel fishing on the Hampshire Avon at the Royalty and Bisterne fisheries.

To be republished, date TBC.


The Cottage Pool by Fennel HudsonThe Cottage Pool (Priory Angling Classics No. 2)

Fennel Hudson, 1993. (Out of print.)

Angling for wild carp and looking after a very special fishing lake in Shropshire.

To be republished, date TBC.


Fly Fishing the Mountain Lakes of Wales by Fennel HudsonFly Fishing the Mountain Lakes of Wales  (Priory Angling Classics No. 1)

Fennel Hudson, 1993. (Out of print.)

Exploring the llyns and cwms in mid-Wales for wild brown trout.

To be republished, date TBC.


Along The Green Lanes by Fennel HudsonAlong the Green Lanes (The Early Nature Series No. 4)

Fennel Hudson, 1992. (Out of print.)

Retracing the old ways, to discover the 'timelessly quiet' corners of the landscape.

To be republished, date TBC.


We Garden, We Grow by Fennel HudsonWe Garden, We Grow (The Early Nature Series No. 3)

Fennel Hudson, 1991. (Out of print.)

In praise of gardening, tracking the growth and nurturing of plants with that of us finding our feet in the world.

To be republished, date TBC.



A Simple Utopia by Fennel HudsonA Simple Utopia – Collected Nature Poems  (The Early Nature Series No. 2)

Fennel Hudson, 1990. (Out of print.)

Seasonal nature poems and observations recording a year in the English countryside.

To be republished, date TBC.


Child of Nature by Fennel HudsonChild of Nature – A Young Person's View of the Countryside (The Early Nature Series No. 1)

Fennel Hudson, 1989. (Out of print.)

Written when Fennel was 15 years old, this book provides the first glimpses into what would eventually become Fennel's Priory.

To be republished, date TBC.


High Park News, edited by Fennel Hudson 1988High Park News

Nigel Hudson, Editor, 1988-89. (Out of print.)

Fennel's introduction to publishing, as Editor of his school newspaper.



Castle Quest by Fennel HudsonCastle Quest: Escape From Kraznir Castle.

Nigel Hudson, 1987. (Out of print.)

Escapism, fantasy adventure, dungeons, pyro-flatulent dragons and sex-craved she-ogres. Fennel's first book, penned when he was 13.


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