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Welcome to Fennel's Priory

It's a quiet place for the traditionalist, and home to lifestyle author and broadcaster Nigel 'Fennel' Hudson.

Here you can 'Stop – Unplug – Escape – Enjoy' while savouring the fine things in life.
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Fennel's Journal: The Lighter Side is available for pre-order. It will be published in May.

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Tregaron AA Speech | Memories of Bernard | The Pen that Flew the Atlantic
Get off the treadmill. Make time to look around; the natural world awaits you.

From the artificial world that keeps you too busy to notice what’s really important.

There’s freedom in isolation, being alone with your thoughts, accompanied only by Nature.

The simplest of things. There is more joy to be found upon a butterfly’s wing than in a town of opulence.

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To Bernard Venables (1907-2001), Fennel's friend and mentor, who came up with the name 'Fennel's Priory'.

Also to the natural history authors 'BB', Richard Jefferies, W.H. Hudson, and 
C. Henry Warren.

Together these men opened Fennel's eyes and ears to the beauty of the countryside.
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