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Wild Carp Books and Research Papers

'Wild' or feral carp are the holy grail of the traditional coarse angler. Wild carp are just so rare and vulnerable. Finding and then fishing for them marks the completion of a quest for the traditional angler – where mind set, tackle, environment and fish are in perfect harmony. The result – a wild carp in the net – is a utopian image. 

Wild carp books

Wild Carp, Fennel's Journal No. 4 – Fennel Hudson (2009)
This classic book details Fennel's research and expeditions to find the ultimate wild carp water. It charts a 20-year quest, beginning when he was at school and concluding in 2009.

Confessions of a Carp Fisher – 'BB' (1950)
Beautifully written book about the atmosphere and magic of traditional carp fishing. The book captures the booding, almost haunting, character of old carp waters and the elusive nature of wild carp. A snapshot of what carp fishing was once all about, that the traditional wildie fisher seeks to recreate.

Casting at the Sun – Chris Yates (1986)
Essential reading. There are multiple chapters on wild carp and descriptions of the sort of pools that wildie enthusiasts dream about. Includes stories of fishing at Dderw Farm and Pant-y-Llyn (see wild carp waters below) and conveys the reasons why wild carp are so important and exciting to the traditional angler.

A History of Carp Fishing Revisited – Kevin Clifford (2012)
Well researched book on the history of carp fishing in the UK. The first chapter discusses wild carp and the introductions of cultivated carp to the UK. Famous waters, anglers and catches are also featured. A glimpse into a cherished past.

Wild carp research papers

Origin and Domestication of the Wild Carp – Eugene Balon (1995)
The definitive research paper on wild carp by the world's leading authority. Covers the origin, evolution and distribution of carp across the world; good focus on the Danube wild carp, Roman links and mediaeval cultivation. Well worth purchasing.

The Early History of the Carp and its Economic Significance in England – Christopher Currie
Research paper highlighting the introductions and growth in popularity of carp in Britain between 1100 and 1800. Good information about the reasons why carp were introduced to the lakes surrounding country houses.

Carp strains held at the Fish Culture Research Insitute, Svarvas, Hungary – Bakos and Gorda (2001)
Details the different carp strains held at the living gene bank in Hungary. Includes photographic references. Of interest to wild carp enthusiasts are the Hungaran Tisza wild carp that spread westwards to Europe and the Russian Amur wild carp that spread eastwards to Asia.

Diversity of Common Carp Genetic Resources – Kohlmann, Gross and Murakaeva (2005)
Scientific research paper looking at wild and domesticated strains of carp in Europe and Asia. The research highlights the fragility of the wild carp gene pool due to hybridisation and the removal of natural habitat.

Wild Carp fishing book by Fennel HudsonThis blog is a sample chapter from the book Wild Carp by Fennel Hudson.

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