Jack Hargreaves, Out of Town, podcast, 2 of 4

Out of Town with Jack Hargreaves, an interview with Simon Baddeley, 2 of 4


Published Friday 29 January 2021

In this episode, we discover how Jack got into TV and honed his skills to develop his famously warm, natural and intimate style of presenting. Simon explains how Jack created Out of Town, the TV series that ran throughout the sixties and seventies, only coming to an end in 1981 when Southern Television lost its franchise. He speaks about Jack’s perspectives on fishing and the importance of patience when being outdoors, also about the art of contemplation – of deliberately taking one’s time to savour things and reflect upon them, all of which are central to the character of Jack’s TV programmes, broadcasts and books.

New Jack Hargreaves' DVDs

The podcast is published in celebration of the new DVD box-sets of Jack's work, including Out of Town Volume 1, Out of Town Volume 2Old Country and Further Out of Town. These include previously 'lost' episodes of Jack, with the final box-set being introduced by Simon. 

Jack Hargreaves in Out of Town

Jack Hargreaves