The Fennel's Priory Team

Fennel's Priory is very much a team effort. Here's a glimpse of the people who make it happen. You can contact us to get in touch with any of the team.


Fennel Hudson

Fennel Hudson is the heart of Fennel's Priory. He's the one behind the ideas and inspiration, our chief writer and broadcaster, and advocate of contented country lifestyle. When he's not writing or broadcasting about countryside and rural lifestyle, he's thinking of his next cup of tea.

He's an all-round countryman and naturalist, a gardener and wild plant enthusiast, and someone who enjoys fieldsports, wild camping, adventure, hiking and bushcraft. He most enjoys sitting quietly in a wood, allowing the world to 'heal' around him.

Mrs H

Mrs H

Mrs H manages the business side of things. She keeps Fennel focused and productive by kicking him up the backside whenever necessary.

As "The Original, Best and Only Mrs H" she's a central character in the Fennel's Journal series of books. But most importantly, she's the biggest influence and catalyst in Fennel's life, responsible for getting him to share his stories with others and to constantly stay true to his beliefs.

Little Lady

Little Lady

She's not so little now, but she's still the principal energiser and fun-maker at the Priory.

Highly creative and outright bonkers, she's the one who enables us to constantly have fun and see the wonder of the world through the eyes of a child.


John Summers

John is an expert in traditional printing techniques and design, he runs The Ad-lib Design Partnership – a specialist design agency responsible for the brand communications for heritage establishments such as Eastnor Castle and Spetchley Park.

He was one of eight traditional countrymen chosen by Fennel to star in the showreel for the BBC Big Fish TV series.


Andy Roberts

Andy manages the Priory online activities. He also supplies the best savoury snacks imaginable. You want a pasty? He's your man!

He runs Hedgerow Creative – a digital marketing company that specialises in creating websites and online campaigns for countryside-based companies. He's also an angler, keen shot and deer stalker.

He was one of five traditional anglers chosen in 2013 to star with Fennel in the Angling Times 60th Anniversary feature at Welbeck Abbey Lake.

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