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Nigel 'Fennel' Hudson is a lifestyle and countryside author who writes about the eccentricities and passions of life, the development of self, and the relationships between the natural and man-made worlds. Much of his writing centres on what he calls 'The Quiet Fields' – the quiet corners of the landscape where time moves slowly and nature exists undisturbed.

Fennel's mottos are 'Stop – Unplug – Escape – Enjoy' and 'never do anything that offends your soul'.

Fennel's Journal Series

Fennel's Journal

Fennel's Journal is a series of 14 lifestyle books that document Fennel's quest for a simple rural life: one that began as a reaction to hostile conditions but which evolved into a journey of rediscovery. 

It’s about life in the slow lane, away from the pressures and fast pace of modern living. It’s about escapism, freedom and adventure in the great outdoors. It’s about the discovery and rediscovery of self, being individual, nurturing one’s self-belief, and realising one’s dreams.

If you’ve ever yearned for quiet times where you can breathe deeply and savour the beauty of the world, then Fennel’s Journal is for you.

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