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Fennel Hudson is a rural lifestyle and countryside author. Much of his writing centres on what he calls 'The Quiet Fields' – the quiet corners of the landscape where time moves slowly, nature exists undisturbed, and where we can escape from the fast pace and pressures of modern life.

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Fennel's Journal Series

Fennel's Journal - the complete series

14 books to read and collect that document Fennel's quest for a simple rural life. From the hilarious to the sublime, it’s about life in the slow lane – savouring the freedom and adventure to be found outdoors.

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Fennel Hudson Bibliography

Fennel Hudson has been writing and publishing for more than 30 years. Here is a complete list of his books and contributions to other titles: 


  • The Pursuit of Life. 2019. Pending publication. Information here.
  • Book of Secrets. 2017. Purchase here.
  • Beside a Carp Water. 2017. Chapter in Jon Edy-Berry's book. Published by the Medlar Press.
  • Nature Escape. 2016. Pending publication. Information here.
  • Friendship. 2015. Purchase here.
  • The Lighter Side. 2014. Purchase here.
  • A Gardener's Year. 2013. Purchase here.
  • Fine Things. 2012. Purchase here.
  • The Quiet Fields. 2011. Purchase here.
  • Traditional Angling. 2010. Purchase here.


  • Fly Fishing. 2009. Purchase here.
  • Wild Carp. 2009. Purchase here.
  • A Writer's Year. 2008. Purchase here.
  • A Waterside Year. 2007. Purchase here.
  • A Meaningful Life. 2006. Purchase here.
  • Nature Within You. 2005. Limited Edition. Out of print.
  • From the Hut. 2004-2007. Notes from a riverside salmon hut. Out of print.


  • The Friends. 1998-99. Rotary letter. Out of print.
  • Jade Lake Diaries. 1998. Limited Edition. Out of print.
  • Redmire Pool Reflections. 1997. Limited Edition. Out of print.
  • A Quest to Beechmere. Trilogy. 1996-98. Limited Edition. Out of print. View sample chapter.
  • River Severn and Teme Diaries. 1995. Limited Edition. Out of print.
  • A Summer on the Hampshire Avon. 1994. Limited Edition. Out of print.
  • The Cottage Pool. 1993. Limited Edition. Out of print.
  • Along the Green Lanes. 1992. Limited Edition. Out of print.
  • Fly Fishing the Mountain Lakes of Wales. 1991. Limited Edition. Out of print.
  • We Garden, We Grow. 1990. Limited Edition. Out of print.


  • A Simple Utopia – Collected Nature Poems. 1989. Limited Edition. Out of print.
  • Child of Nature – A Young Person's View of the Countryside. 1989. Limited Edition. Out of print.
  • Castle Quest: Escape From Kraznir Castle. 1987. Limited Edition. Out of print.

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