Carp Fishing at Redmire Pool, part 1 of 5

Episode 7: Carp fishing at Redmire Pool, Part 1 of 5

Traditional angler Fennel Hudson reports from historic carp water Redmire Pool during its 80th Anniversary feature for Angling Times. It's shared here for the first time.

Transcript of The Contented Countryman Podcast

Episode 7 – 11 August 2017 – Carp Fishing at Redmire Pool


My new book Traditional Angling is now available, so I'm taking time out to rest and relax. I'm celebrating by fishing tench and carp. My tent's set up and my rods are out. I'll be here for several days. I'm mindful that it’s three years since I fished like this – camping/fishing for coarse fish in high summer. The last time was in 2014 when friends and I fished at Redmire Pool, fishing there to celebrate 80th Anniversary, feature for the Angling Times (you can read it here).

Four of us fished: me, Stuart ‘SK’ Harris, Martin ‘Northmoor’ Herrington and Jon ‘Guido Berry’. Our goal? To catch something for the camera, and lap up the atmosphere of the most historic and legendary carp pool in the country.

But it was hard going. We did catch and chasing and stalking the fish was frantic. Ourside of this, we enjoyed quiet downtimes. It was time for us, as mates together, to observe, reflect and appreciate the gift of being at Redmire Pool.

I captured a lot of these quiet moments on the microphone. I'm going to share them with you. There are five in total that I'll publish here, one per week. Enjoy them. Be a fly on the wall observing our antics. They're totally unscripted and unedited. They're quiet and reflective, just like the fishing we experienced. 

Redmire Pool, Llangarron, Herefordshire, 80th Anniversary, Monday 28 July 2014

Mid-morning, day one. Pitchford's Pitch.

Cows just come through the field behind me. Wood pigeons still cooing. Moorhen chicks cheeping. Big common jumped in front of the willow opposite me.

Only just chilled out after first afternoon of intensity – responding to the big challenge of fishing at Redmire Pool.

Last night I was fishing way more intensively than usual. Fishing two leger rods and a stalking rods. Fishing boilies as bait. All 'very keen'. No bites. Reeled in at 12pm. 

This morning change of tactics. Removed the modern rigs and boilies. Back down to two rods. Has calmed everything down (bites from eels aside). Now freelining and float fishing. 

Rainbow appeared in the sky opposite. A sign to relax and do things simply, more in my usual style.

Laid out on ground. Kelly Kettle ready to boil.

Sky become overcast. Wind changed direction. Very ‘fishy’ feeling.

Everything’s come to life. Bird life all around.

Northmore had a 3lb eel in the night. Guido and SK no fish yet. 

Lake has quietened, become more autumnal feeling. Very carpy. 

Late morning

Wind changed direction. Cleared the humidity. Cooler. Overcast. Eels still feeding on the cockles.

The big common is still leaping and rolling off the willow in Keffords. Guido fishing there. Not sure if he’s aware of the fish, which is just of of sight.

SK and I chilling out, drinking tea.

Fish starting to show on the surface, feeding on nymphs or buzzers just under the surface.

Still hopeful of a bite in Pitchfords. Stay here for a while as base camp for night-time and morning fishing, then stalking during the afternoon and evening.

Reading and writing letters. Adding souvenirs of Redmire.

Breeze building. North/north-west. Ripples coming towards me.

Using a new float. Goose quill painted in green and mustard. Takes 2 SSG. Fishing overdepth, lift style. Perfect BB-style tilt, ideal to be fishing in his swim.

In the next episode, Fennel reports from Redmire Pool during the afternoon of his first day.

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