Countryside Publishing & Marketing

Would you believe it? There's a business behind all this activity. The good news is that it's not corporate, nor is it stressing about shareholder value or world domination. It's just a small team of friends who passionately believe in sharing important lifestyle messages.

We can work with you, too

We create and develop nature-based lifestyle brands, provide marketing and writing services, publish countryside books and marketing collateral in all formats, design and build websites, create engaging online content that increases engagement and search engine ranking, organise events, promote stories about nature connection, and broadcast through video and audio channels. We even have an online shop

Fennel's Priory is our showcase. If you'd like something similar for your business then please contact us.

Fennel's Priory publishing

The ‘nature’ of our business

Fennel’s Priory Limited (our business) encourages nature connection and self-discovery. We do this by promoting the works and messages of organisations and individuals who demonstrate close affinity with the natural world.

Examples of how we can help you are:

  • Writing, proofreading and editing for all your marketing communications
  • Marketing consultancy to help steer and enhance your audience engagement activities
  • Brand design and development – all the visual elements and logos that support your values and message
  • Marketing and communications strategy – organising what you're going to do and communicate, how and when
  • Website design and build, search engine optimisation
  • Social media management of your accounts and creating a content plan
  • Content marketing, writing website text, blogs, scripting and producing regular videos and podcasts
  • Design and print of brochures, leaflets, stationery and packaging
  • Video and audio production, with either you or us in front of the camera
  • Book publishing and marketing, for countryside and nature-based titles.

Our message

We champion life-balance and self-awareness, creating opportunities for you to explore and reflect; and we love traditional and handcrafted things. But more than anything else, we urge you to ‘be’ outdoors – discovering and appreciating wild places. We call these places ‘The Quiet Fields’. They’re the peaceful and timeless corners of the landscape where nature exists undisturbed, where we may connect with the nature around us and within us. They’re where we hear our calling: a reminder ‘never to do anything that offends our soul’.

Built around the values and activities of lifestyle & countryside author Fennel Hudson, we seek to inspire, inform and entertain, helping you to develop a greater sense of identity, belonging and purpose. 

Our motto is ‘Stop – Unplug – Escape – Enjoy’.


Please contact us to see how we can work together.

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